PyXML not supported, what to use next?

uche.ogbuji at uche.ogbuji at
Fri Oct 6 19:45:30 CEST 2006

Paul Watson wrote:
> It would appear that xml.dom.minidom or xml.sax.* might be the best
> thing to use since PyXML is going without support.  Best of all it is
> included in the base Python distribution, so no addition hunting required.

FWIW, easy_install [1] is making things so that more and more
installing stuff is not much additional burden.  I'll admit that I've
hardly found easy_install to be problem-free, but since it seems to be
the wave of the future (and a welcome wave at that) I've pushed for
support in recent versions of the XML tools I co-develop: 4Suite [2]
and Amara [3].  For many people these are now very easy to install.
This is the case for some other third-party XML tools as well.


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