Reverse string-formatting (maybe?)

Dan Sommers me at
Sun Oct 15 15:39:18 CEST 2006

On 14 Oct 2006 05:35:02 -0700,
"Dustan" <DustanGroups at> wrote:

> Is there any builtin function or module with a function similar to my
> made-up, not-written deformat function as follows? I can't imagine it
> would be too easy to write, but possible...

[ snip ]

> Any input? I've looked through the documentation of the string module
> and re module, did a search of the documentation and a search of this
> group, and come up empty-handed.

Track down pyscanf.  (Google is your friend, but I can't find any sort
of licensing/copyright information, and the web addresses in the source
code aren't available, so I hesitate to post my ancient copy.)


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