create global variables?

Steve Holden steve at
Mon Oct 30 22:35:05 CET 2006

Wojciech Muła wrote:
> Alistair King wrote:
>>is there a simple way of creating global variables within a function?
> def foo(name):
> 	globals()[name] = "xxx"
> 	globals()[name + 'aa'] = "yyy"
> 	globals()[name + 'ab'] = "zzz"

Please note that this is a terrible programming practice. Anyone who 
really thinks they need to do this should be thinking hard about whether 
they are using Python correctly (though tere are occasionaly 
requirements where the feature can legitimately be used).

It would be *much* easier and *much* better programming practice to 
modify your code so the function returns a two-element tuple, which you 
then assign to two variables in an unpacking assignment.

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