can't open chm files all of a sudden

utabintarbo utabintarbo at
Wed Oct 4 16:51:14 CEST 2006

John Salerno wrote:
> Hi all. I apologize since this is only remotely Python related, but I
> hope someone might now the solution.
> I tried opening my Python chm docs just now, as well as the one for
> wxPython, and both are giving me an error dialog when I double-click
> them and I can't open them. This happened apparently for no reason, just
> today. I even reset but that didn't help.
> Does anyone know what might cause this, and if it could affect the rest
> of Python or wxPython as well?

Are these files on a network share?

>From :
"This problem occurs because security update 896358 and 890175 prevent
HTML content that is outside the Local Machine zone from creating an
instance of the HTML Help ActiveX control (HHCTRL). This change was
introduced to reduce security vulnerabilities in HTML Help."


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