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Laurent Pointal laurent.pointal at
Tue Oct 24 11:32:20 CEST 2006

Thomas Heller a écrit :
> Ben Finney schrieb:
>> "Hendrik van Rooyen" <mail at> writes:
>> [quoting problems fixed]
>>>  "Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> wrote:
>>>> some days, I ask myself why I shouldn't just use GPL for
>>>> everything I do, and ship it as source code only.
>>> because then you would deny your work to thousands of ungrateful,
>>> unmotivated lazy buggers like me...
>> Not necessarily. All it needs is one person (with the same platform
>> you want to use) to take the source, build it for that platform, and
>> make it available. All the other "ungrateful, unmotivated lazy
>> buggers" can then take advantage of that -- and reward the person with
>> whatever praise they require :-)
> I wonder if it would be possible to setup a windows box which provides
> a (web-)service that allows to build Python packages.

You will have the problem of third-party libraries dependancies (and

> Any ideas how this could be made secure?
> Thomas

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