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>>>> The following line of lightly munged code was found in a publicly
>>>> available Python library...
>>>Yes, this violates the Holy, Inspired, Infallible Style Guide (pbuh),
>>>which was written by the very finger of God when the world was still in
>>>chaotic darkness.
>> Did you actually analyze the line of code?  Particularly WRT the way it
>> operates in different versions of Python?
>A comment on the "style" issue, before we get into the real WTF
>analysis: any function/method whose name begins with "has" or "is"
>returns an honest-to-goodness actual bool (or what passed for one in
>former times). IMHO, any comparison with [] being regarded as false and
>[0] being regarded as true is irrelevant, and writing "has_something()
>== False" or "has_something() is False" is utterly ludicrous.

Exactly.  Another way of putting this: it's so wrong, it isn't even
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