Ok. This IS homework ...

Paul Rubin http
Sat Oct 14 19:09:49 EDT 2006

"spawn" <evilrottenspawn at gmail.com> writes:
>  That's not the problem, in fact, that part works.  It's the adding
> that isn't working.  How can my program add 2 + 7 and come up with 14?
> 	while running:
> 		guess = int(raw_input('I\'ll need another number : '))
> 		running_total = guess +	subtotal
> 		print running_total

You are never modifying the running total.  I think you want to
initialize the running total to the first guess outside the loop, then
add guess to it when you read a new number.  You can add to a variable
like this:
              running_total += guess

this is approx. the same thing as

              running_total = running_total + guess

I don't think subtotal and running_total need to be separate variables.

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