WSGI - How Does It Affect Me?

fumanchu fumanchu at
Sun Oct 8 23:50:37 CEST 2006

Gregory Piñero wrote:
> Examples of how frameworks don't meet my needs sometimes:
> 1. Working with SQL Server (Most frameworks seem to at least make it extra work)

I don't know about "most frameworks", but there are certainly some that
work with SQL Server. My Dejavu ORM does SQL Server and MS Access
(among others):

> 2. Need web app to get data from other programs via API (eg QuickBooks)
>    Can any web framework work happily with win32 extensions?

I use win32 extensions quite happily with Dejavu (and CherryPy). I've
got a similar situation with The Raiser's Edge from Blackbaud: reads
are done via SQL Server (for speed) and writes are done via their COM
interfaces. In fact, we were looking at using Quickbooks for that but
made our decision about 2 months before Intuit announced their first
open API. :/

> 3. Using IIS at all for that matter, does WSGI work on IIS, do any frameworks?

They can with some work. When I first started coding for/with CherryPy,
I wrote a WSGI adapter for ASP: (I've since switched to
Apache2 on Windows, but that code should still work). I believe there's
a WSGI-ISAPI adapter somewhere out there... last time I looked, it
didn't do SSL or multithreading yet.

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