Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Oct 5 08:12:26 CEST 2006

Ben Finney wrote:
> "David Goodger" <dgoodger at> writes:
>>Look at the results again. Jira and RoundUp tied for functionality,
>>but Jira has a hosting/admin offer behind it. That's huge. But
>>rather than declaring Jira the outright winner, which they could
>>have done, the committee has allowed the community to decide the
>>matter. If enough admins come forward, RoundUp will win.
>>I read that as a big push for "written in Python".
> I prefer to read it as a big push for "not dependent on non-free
> tools".
And I'd prefer it if you'd drop this subject. So, if you have nothing 
new to say, kindly leave it. You have made your opinion known, as you 
are fully entitled to do. Frankly I am getting less interested in your 
opinion with each new post.

You appear to be prepared to go to any length short of providing effort 
to support the open source tracker.

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