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Kjell Magne Fauske kjellmf at
Sun Oct 22 21:44:27 CEST 2006

I recommend taking a look at Django [1]. It is not a CMS right out of
the box, but writing one using the Django framework is not that


- Kjell Magne Fauske

Echo wrote:
> I am going to start working on a church website. And since I like
> python, I decided to use WSGI. However, I later found out about all
> the different CMS's in php. So I wondered if there where any in
> python.
> Sadly, I only found Plone, skeletonz, and PyLucid (If there is any
> more, please let me know). Of those three, only PyLucid supports WSGI
> and it didn't look very nice to me.
> Both Plone and skeletonz looked very nice. However, they can't be
> hosted on a regular web host(at least to my knowledge) since they run
> as the web server themselves. So hosting would cost more, at least 2-3
> times more from what I've seen.
> So I'm thinking of making a python CMS based on WSGI. I'm now trying
> to figure out a few things like the best way to store the content and
> how to manage/use plugins. For storing the content, the only ways I
> know of are as files or in a database. But I'm not sure what would be
> better. And as for how to do plugings, I plan on looking at Plone and
> skeletonz.
> As for working with WSGI, I have found
> Colubrid( and
> Paste( I was wondering if anyone knew of any
> other libraries that make working with WSGI easier. Also, I wondering
> if anyone would like to share their experiences of working with those.
> ps. I know that this is a big and complicated project. But no matter
> how far I get, it will be fun because its Python:)
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