Python windows interactive.

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Tue Oct 31 07:28:27 CET 2006

"notejam" <notejam at> Top posted:

> Thanks everyone for the help.   I got a simple two line program to work
> from a text file.
> Can not figure out how to write more than one line in interpreter mode.
>  Is that all interpreter is good for, testing one liners?  I have it
> run the program everytime I hit return, and can not figure out how to
> enter multiple lines of code.  I can do multiple lines in text file, so
> no problem, but I am jsut wondering can a program with 2 or more lines
> be wrote from the interpreter mode?

the interactive interpreter remembers the stuff you type.

so you can assign values to variables, and refer to them later.
you can define functions and call them later

that is enough to start with.

try it - you will like it...

- Hendrik

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