wxPython help wxSashWindow

MrJean1 MrJean1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 21:49:47 CEST 2006

Take a look at the "wxSashWindow" example in the wxPython demo.   That
is located under the Core Windows/Controls item.

/Jean Brouwers

MatthewWarren wrote:
> Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me here, or point to a specific
> tutorial (  I have searched for 1/2hour, but can find only reference
> style docs or not-quite-what-im-after help) on how to build a
> wxSashWindow in wxPython. I'm just starting out with wxPython, and the
> first thing i need to do is use 3 sash windows, 1 split vertically, and
> on the left and right of that a SashWindow splitting horizontally. I
> can make frames, buttons, use sizers etc.. as they are fairly
> intuitive, but SashWindow and SashLayoutWindow have stumped me.
> Thanks,
> Matt.

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