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Tue Oct 24 13:58:02 CEST 2006

On 23 Oct 2006 22:07:39 -0700, jiang.haiyun at
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> Now i began to learn GUI programming. There are so many
> choices of GUI in the python world, wxPython, pyGTK, PyQT,
> Tkinter, .etc, it's difficult for a novice to decide, however.
> Can you draw a comparison among them on easy coding, pythonish design,
> beautiful and generous looking, powerful development toolkit, and
> sufficient documentation, .etc.
> It's helpful for a GUI beginner.
> Thank you.

I've used several, and I think that Dabo ( is the
best choice. Dabo is an entire application framework, but you can just
use the dabo.ui parts if that's all you need. Then when you are no
longer a beginner and you want to develop more complex apps, you won't
need to change tools.


# p.d.

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