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Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Sun Oct 8 12:44:18 CEST 2006

Tim Chase wrote:
>>>Can these operators be overloaded?
> With the caveat of the "=" mentioned in the subject-line (being 
> different from "==")...I haven't found any way to override 
> assignment in the general case.  There might be some oddball way 
> to do it via property() but AFAIK, this only applies to 
> properties of objects, not top-level names/variables.  I'd love 
> to know if there's some workaround for this though...
That's because assignment isn't an operator - that's why (for example)

     print x = 33

would be a syntax error. This is a deliberate design decision about 
which, history shows, there is little use complaining.

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