Serious wxPython Error while executing..

Paul McNett p at
Tue Oct 31 04:34:52 CET 2006

kath wrote:
> Hello, sorry about the lengthy message.
>  I finding difficult to execute this program. The wx.Notebook i created
> is coming on the splitted frame(self.p2). How do I that. I am started
> to learn wxPython, and when I run the code, the code doesnot close
> gracefully, it throughs me an error.
> "pythonw.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are
> sorry for the inconvenience"

I get a segmentation fault on Linux, after running the script, choosing
"Add new fund" from the menu, and then closing the application. I don't
get the segmentation fault if I merely start the app and close it.

> here is the code.... seems a bit lengthy, sorry about that.
> Please help me to find my mistake, and how do I go forward resolving
> this problem.

You actually have several problems. But, the segmentation fault appears
to be directly related to the fact that you add boxsizer to the border
sizer twice.

Another problem is that you create the notebook every single time, and
add just one page to it, but you probably want just one notebook with
one or more pages.

pkm ~

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