PSF Infrastructure has chosen Roundup as the issue tracker for Python development [repost]

bcannon at bcannon at
Sun Oct 22 17:19:48 CEST 2006

[my initial post through python-list never seemed to reach;

At the beginning of the month the PSF Infrastructure committee
announced that we had reached the decision that JIRA was our
recommendation for the next issue tracker for Python development.
Realizing, though, that it was a tough call between JIRA and Roundup we
said that we would be willing to switch our recommendation to Roundup
if enough volunteers stepped forward to help administer the tracker,
thus negating Atlassian's offer of free managed hosting.

Well, the community stepped up to the challenge and we got plenty of
volunteers!  In fact, the call for volunteers has led to an offer for
professional hosting for Roundup from Upfront Systems.  The committee
is currently evaluating that offer and will hopefully have a decision
made soon.  Once a decision has been made we will contact the
volunteers as to whom we have selected to help administer the
installation (regardless of who hosts the tracker).  The administrators
and python-dev can then begin working towards deciding what we want
from the tracker and its configuration.

Once again, thanks to the volunteers for stepping forward to make this

-Brett Cannon
PSF Infrastructure committee chairman

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