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Sun Oct 22 12:34:21 CEST 2006

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> On Saturday 21 October 2006 02:01, James Stroud wrote:
> > I think the trick is to identify when a class would make more sense than
> > a collection of subroutines
> I do believe that's a bit of forecasting, in sense to determine whether a
> piece of code may have a future.
> Usually in hobbistic term I think we can
> bear with copy&pasting pieces of code across programs rather than go for a
> class(es) module.

OO and reuse are two orthogonal concerns. You don't need OO to reuse
code, and OO is not so much about code reuse - even if it can improve
reusability - than about how to best structure your code.

To illustrate James' POV, if you end up with half a dozen functions
working on a same well-defined data structure,  then it might be time
to 'integrate' these functions and the data structure into a class.
Some other hints are when you have a small set of functions depending
on a common set of globals, or when you find yourself adding to your
functions signature too much additional params that are only meant to
be passed to other functions that themselves will pass them etc...

Copy-paste reuse should IMHO be limited to very trivial helper
functions that are not worth the pain of dependencies management...

My 2 cents

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