change keybindings for pygtk treeview

Fabian Braennstroem f.braennstroem at
Fri Oct 27 14:21:17 CEST 2006


I am just testing pygtk/glade out and wonder, if I am able
to change the keybindings. E.g. the treeview searches by
default for the entries beginning with the typed keystroke;
moving to the next row works as usual with the Down key. Now
I would like to change the key bindings to e.g. 'j' to move
to the next row (just like in vim) and to use a 'Ctrl' key
combination to search for a certain word beginning with the
typed key stroke.
Is it anyhow possible with pygtk? Would be nice, if somebody
can point my to a small example.


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