Newbie - Stuck

Christoph Haas email at
Mon Oct 9 21:24:09 CEST 2006

On Sunday 08 October 2006 14:09, r3bol at wrote:
> The perl version of this code works but not the python version. What am
> I doing wrong?
> message = "abc"
> password = "z12"
> scrambled = message ^ password

"abc" XOR "z12"? Strings don't have an __xor__ method.

> I also wondered why this errored as well...
> int(messege)
> Is it not meant to convert a string to a number?

If you were Python how would you convert "abc" to a number? :)

Yes, I know Perl makes "0" from anything that doesn't look like a number 
but Python's principle is to never hide errors while Perl makes certain 
assumptions. So Python prefers to complain.


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