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Mon Oct 9 23:36:53 CEST 2006

Edward Diener No Spam wrote:

> There's nothing wrong with Python's introspection. In fact Python's 
> facilities in this area and its support for metadata are stronger than 
> any of these other languages ! However there is no common component 
> model which specifies that X is a "property" or Y is an "event" of a 
> Python class which can be visually manipulated at design-time and 
> automagically set at run-time, so that any given Python RAD visual 
> environment will treat a Python class, specified as a component, in 
> exactly the same way. Also in these other languages, a component is 
> different from a class in that a component is recognized in a particular 
> way, often so that the component can interact if necessary with its 
> container and/or visual site.

You'll definitely want to take a look at Enthought's Traits (disclaimer: I work 
for Enthought). I'm supposed to be on vacation now, so I'm not going to give you 
the full rundown of Traits and Traits UI, so I'm simply going to point you to 
the page we have about it:

You can talk to the rest of the Enthought crew on the enthought-dev mailing list 
if you have any questions:

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