Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

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Tue Oct 10 01:03:51 CEST 2006

"Paul Boddie" <paul at> writes:

> Indeed, as someone who merely browses python-dev, perhaps I
> shouldn't care how the core developers track their bugs: if they
> struggle to manage that information in future, why should I care?
> Well, the reason I should care is related to the reason why the core
> developers should care about more than purely technical issues: the
> wider community and the core developers do not exist by themselves
> in isolation; the well-being of the community is related to how
> Python is managed and portrayed by the custodians of the language,
> and the well-being of the development effort is related to how much
> community effort can be directed towards improving the language and
> its image. If this were not so, Python would have vanished like many
> of its contemporaries.
> Perhaps the decision makers evaluated the above and much more in depth,
> although us outsiders are not in a position to say, but perhaps the
> discussion around the decision wouldn't have been so inflammatory in
> places if there had been an acknowledgement of this "bigger picture" of
> the community, its influences and that in a large open source project
> no moderately significant decision is without a political dimension.

Thank you.

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