Python 2.5 ; Effbot console ; thank ; pb release.

Méta-MCI enleverlesX.XmcX at
Mon Oct 23 17:37:04 CEST 2006

Hi!      (***sorry for my approximative english***)

A few months ago, I needed a console, under Windows.
After several research, I selected the console of EffBot.

Thank you very much, Fredrik Lundh, for this small tool,
quite practical and which repaired me well.

Then, Python 2.5 arrived.

Many modules/libraries was adapted to Python 2.5

But, it missed the console of EffBot.

Patiently, I visited the site of EffBot regularly.
Then, I started to corrode me the nails.
Then, I questioned myself:
 "with each new version of Python, certain libraries are never 

For the professional developments, it is a major risk.
For (the evolution of) Python, it is an obstacle.

The rebuilding of libraries (not-standard) is not (under Windows) very easy, 
and not very standard.
To facilitate this possibility (of rebuilding) could be an objective, 
intended to improve perenniality of Python.

What do you think of that?

    While waiting, for the console, I ended up writing my (perso) small 

    Therefore, THANK YOU, Fredrik, FOR NOR TO HAVE COMPILED a version for 
       - that made me become aware of brittleness, in time, of the external 
       - that forced me to write a trick of which I will be used again 


Michel Claveau

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