Adding Worksheets to an Excel Workbook

Mark Elston m.elston at
Wed Oct 11 00:40:51 CEST 2006

I expect this doesn't help him much.  I get the impression he is looking
more for a recipe.

Just doing a Google search of python + excel I got the following which
make some good starting points:

There are lots of others.


* John Machin wrote (on 10/10/2006 2:59 PM):
> e.h.doxtator at wrote:
>> All
>> I'm a Python newbie, and I'm just getting to the wonders of COM
>> programming.  I am trying to programmatically do the following:
>> 1.  Activate Excel
>> 2.  Add a Workbook
>> 3.  Add a Worksheet
>> 4.  Populate the new Worksheet
>> 5.  Repeat steps 3,4 while there is data.
>> How do you add a Worksheet to a Workbook?
> To find out how to do things, you can:
> (1) use the VBA help in Excel.
> You would find (eventually):
> """
> Add method as it applies to the Sheets and Worksheets objects.
> Creates a new worksheet, chart, or macro sheet. The new worksheet
> becomes the active sheet.
> expression.Add(Before, After, Count, Type)
> expression    Required. An expression that returns one of the above
> objects.
> Before   Optional Variant. An object that specifies the sheet before
> which the new sheet is added.
> After   Optional Variant. An object that specifies the sheet after
> which the new sheet is added.
> Count   Optional Variant. The number of sheets to be added. The default
> value is one.
> Type   Optional Variant. Specifies the sheet type. Can be one of the
> following XlSheetType constants: xlWorksheet, xlChart,
> xlExcel4MacroSheet, or xlExcel4IntlMacroSheet. If you are inserting a
> sheet based on an existing template, specify the path to the template.
> The default value is xlWorksheet.
> Remarks
> If Before and After are both omitted, the new sheet is inserted before
> the active sheet.
> """
> so,
>     your_handle.Worksheets.Add()
> looks like what you need.
> (2) Again in Excel, use the "record a macro" facility: turn on
> recording, do your thing, stop recording, inspect the generated macro.
> In this case, this gave
>     Sheets.Add
> which you translate to
>     your_handle.Sheets.Add()
> What's the difference between Sheets and Worksheets? I dunno. Try both.
> Look in the Excel VBA help.
> HTH,
> John

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