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Cameron Laird claird at
Wed Oct 4 02:56:39 CEST 2006

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Simon Brunning <simon at> wrote:
>On 10/3/06, Weko Altamirano <wekoweko at> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone, am a developer using Zope and wanted to know if any of you have
>> ever implemented a pdf generating/creating system using python? This just
>> means mostly manipulating pdfs (create and/or edit) via web. If you guys
>> have any suggestions or recommendations please post, thanks.
>Does ReportLab do the trick for you?
ReportLab's good stuff.

On a large, Very Important Zope site I maintain, though, one which
delivers thousands of dynamically-generated PDF images (not to be
confused with the hundreds of thousands of PDF monthly statement
accounts, invoices, ... I know other organizations generate), I 
rely on html2pdf, along with small slices of ReportLab's freeware.
Our users seem plenty happy.

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