dictionary containing a list

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Sat Oct 7 00:00:56 CEST 2006

Ben wrote:
> Hello...
> I have set up a dictionary into whose values I am putting a list. I
> loop around and around filling my list each time with new values, then
> dumping this list into the dictionary. Or so I thought...
> It would appear that what I am dumping into the dictionary value is
> only a pointer to the original list, so after all my iterations all I
> have is a dictionary whose every value is equal to that of the list the
> final time I looped around :-(
> Is there a way to acheive what I was attempting ? I have done something
> almost identical with classes  in a list before, and in that case a new
> instance was created for each list entry...
> I hope this makes some sense, and doesn't seem to head bangingly
> simple...

Do you consult your physician over a video link while wearing a ninja
costume down an unlit coal mine at midnight?

Please consider the possibility that your description of what you think
your code might be doing is not enough for diagnosis.

You may need to supply:
(1) a listing of your code
(2) a small amount of input data
   e.g. [(1, 'foo'), (42, 'bar'), (1, 'zot')]
(3) the output you expect from that input:
   e.g. {1: ['foo', 'zot'], 42: ['bar']}


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