FreeImagePy creating thumbnails from TIFF

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzoDELETE at
Tue Oct 31 19:57:43 CET 2006

geskerrett at wrote:
> I a trying to create a series of thumbnail images from a multpage 
> TIFF file.  The sample code is below.  When it executes, we get the 
> following error; FreeImagePy.constants.FreeImagePy_ColorWrong: 'Wrong
>  color 1 in function: FreeImage_MakeThumbnail. I can use: (8, 24,
> 32)'
> Any suggestions?

Found a bug!
Change, into the funct_list, at line 119,
('FreeImage_MakeThumbnail', '@12', (CO.COL_8, CO.COL_24, CO.COL_32) ),
('FreeImage_MakeThumbnail', '@12', CO.COL_1TO32 ),
and it'll work.
Or update to the new svn version (r21), that adds the
__iter__ method for the Image class. Now you can do this:

fname = "01-PJ2306.tif"
img = FIPY.Image(fname)

for bmp in img:
     new_img = bmp.thumbnail(300)


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