Save/Store whole class (or another object) in a file

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Wed Oct 25 23:55:12 CEST 2006

At Wednesday 25/10/2006 11:32, alexLIGO at wrote:

>Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> > alexLIGO at wrote:
> > > thanks for the reply,but unfortunately this does not work with the type
> > > of classes I am dealing with. When trying to pickle the class I get the
> > > following error:
> > >
> > >  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 76, in _reduce_ex
> > >     raise TypeError("a class that defines __slots__ without "
> > > TypeError: a class that defines __slots__ without defining __getstate__
> > > cannot be pickled
> > >
> > > So there is something missing in this class?
> >
> > did you remember to read the error message before posting ?
>of course I read the error-message, I understand the error-message, BUT
>this message is not telling me how anyway to save the data of such a
>class in a file!  It does not tell me, that there is absolutely no way
>to do that. Maybe there is, maybe there is not.
>Thats why I am posting it here!

"A man who wears a hat without buying a ticket cannot enter the theatre"
You wear a hat, you want to enter: either buy your ticket or forget 
about your hat.
In this case, just define a __getstate__ method (read the pickle 
docs), or forget about __slots__.

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