Converting MSWord Docs to PDF

Alan Franzoni at
Tue Oct 10 12:12:03 CEST 2006

Il Tue, 10 Oct 2006 01:27:35 -0700, melv at ha scritto:

> is it possible to convert MSword docs into PDF format?
> i told my future employer that i could, because i knew
> of the COM scripting abilites that activePython had.
> and i knew there was modules for PDF creation such as
> reportlabs.

a lot depends on the availability of ms word itself on the platform you're
planning to do the work, if you want the result to be perfect. There're
several tools on Windows (some cheap, some freeware) like FreePDF o
pdffactory, which act like 'Virtual Printers' producing a PDF file instead;
you could try using Python to automate the printing process and getting the
PDF output instead. Or if you've got access to Adobe Acrobat as well, you
could automate the whole process via Acrobat (but it's untested, don't take
it as granted).

If you're doing this in Linux, you should consider something like Crossover
Office in order to run ms word and convert its output.

The based solution will surely work, but you'll heavily rely
on the conversion quality of that suite.

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