creating many similar properties

Lee Harr lee at
Wed Oct 18 03:02:11 CEST 2006

I understand how to create a property like this:

class RC(object):
    def _set_pwm(self, v):
        self._pwm01 = v % 256
    def _get_pwm(self):
        return self._pwm01
    pwm01 = property(_get_pwm, _set_pwm)

But what if I have a whole bunch of these pwm properties?

I made this:

class RC(object):
    def _makeprop(name):
        prop = '_%s' % name
        def _set(self, v):
            v_new = v % 256
            setattr(self, prop, v_new)
        def _get(self):
            return getattr(self, prop)
        return property(_get, _set)

    pwm01 = _makeprop('pwm01')
    pwm02 = _makeprop('pwm02')

Not too bad, except for having to repeat the name.

I would like to just have a list of pwm names and
have them all set up like that. It would be nice if
each one was set to a default value of 127 also....

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time.

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