A curses-game I need help with.

Rainy ak at silmarill.org
Tue Oct 10 15:03:40 CEST 2006

Gasten wrote:
> Rob Wolfe wrote:
> > >     while running:
> > >         key_command = game.mainwin.getch()
> >
> >           # I've moved erasing messages here
> >           game.msg.ereasMsg()
> Man... I didn't even think of that. It's embarassing. Thanks. It works
> perfect now. Again, thanks.
> Gasten

By the way, I also started doing a small rogue-like with a twist that
you control monsters. I used curses, too. It's very small and
incomplete, and I think there was a bug with monsters going through
walls, but it may help you..

You can find it at silmarill.org -> programs -> I, monster.

I'd be interested in looking at your game, as it gets imporved, too, do
you have a webpage for it yet? Please post..

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