commands.getstatusoutput result is not command line exit value!!!

Donn Cave donn at
Mon Oct 2 20:04:30 CEST 2006

In article <mailman.1103.1159803852.10491.python-list at>,
 Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:

> Basically the value you want is shifted up 8 bits. Perhaps I should more 
> understandably have said:
>    12 << 8 == 3072

Or as already suggested in other followups, use os.WEXITSTATUS
(and os.WIFEXITED.)  Not only does this do more precisely the
right thing, it will work on any platform that supports a
POSIX wait -- which doesn't require that exit == status << 8,
only that WEXITSTATUS be able to return that value.

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