Is this a bug? Python intermittently stops dead for seconds

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Oct 1 18:13:19 CEST 2006

charlie strauss wrote:
> Steve, digging into the gc docs a bit more, I think the behaviour I am seeing is still not expected.  Namely, the program I offered has no obvious place where objects are deallocated.  The way GC is supposed to work is thate there are three levels of objects
> level0:  newly created objects
> level1:  objects that survived 1 round of garbage collection
> level2:  objects that survivied 2+ rounds of gargbage collection
> Since all of my numerous objects are level2 objects, and none of them are every deallocated, then I should never trip the GC for these.
> Your explanation would require this to be tripped so I can't explain it.  For your explanation to be correct then there as to be some non-obvious step in the program that is deallocating level2 items in sufficient numbers to trip the GC.  
So perhaps you can explain why switching garbage collection off changes 
program behaviour? If you read the documentation more carefully you will 
see that the collector merely scans generations 1 and 2 less frequently 
that generation 0.

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