License / Registration key enabled software

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Tue Oct 3 01:38:22 CEST 2006

"T" <ty.2006 at> writes:

> I just wanted to know how license / registration key can be
> implemented in python.  I was not interested in philosophical
> discussion of why / why not one should implement it, whether that
> business model make sense, instead using smartcards, etc. etc.

See if this makes any more sense:

"I just wanted to know how to implement strict type checking of all
function parameters in Python. I was not interested in philosophical
discussion of why one should or should not implement it, whether that
programming model makes sense, instead using duck typing, etc. etc."

People often come to this list thinking they know exactly how
something should be done, based on preconceptions formed in a
different context, and believing all they need is our help in doing
it. We have a long and cherished history of asking "why do you want to
do that?" and "what are you actually trying to achieve?" in the
interest of finding a better approach to address the actual need.

I don't see this thread as being any different.

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