Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Thu Oct 5 07:44:15 CEST 2006

Ben Finney schrieb:
>> Giovanni Bajo schrieb:
>>> It is an extremely bad picture for an open source flag like Python
>>> to go to a vendor for such an easy requirement as a bug database.
>> You fail to recognize that Python is *already* using a non-free software
>> for bug tracking, as do thousands of other projects. So from that point
>> of view, the status wouldn't change.
> The whole point of moving *from* SF *to* another bug tracker is to
> improve the situation, surely.
> You already seem to acknowledge that using free-software tools to
> develop Python is desirable. I don't see why you're being so obtuse in
> this sub-thread on *why* it's desirable.

I don't deny it's desirable; I deny it's a indispensable requirement.
I truly believe that Jira would be a useful bug tracker and improve
the situation, despite it being non-free software. This really is no
source of worry for me. I'm feeling more uneasy about the fact that
it is written in Java (but still, this wouldn't stop me from
recommending it as it is a useful and well-engineered piece of

In this sub-thread, I complain about this FUD "Python is moving
to a non-free bug tracker" (suggesting that it is moving away
from a free bug tracker).


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