OT--Shuffling, was Re: invert or reverse a string... warning thisis a rant

Demel, Jeff Jeff.Demel at JavelinDirect.com
Thu Oct 19 20:37:41 CEST 2006

J.Clifford Dyer wrote:
>To my mind that would be the exact opposite of shuffling a deck 
>of cards.  In your case, each time, you know exactly which stack 
>the card comes from, but not which card out of the stack.  When 
>you shuffle cards, it's more like you know exactly which card is 
> coming next off of each stack, you just don't know which stack 
>it's pulling from next.

Actually, the process I described is exactly what one does when
shuffling cards (without, of course, real-life "mistakes" in which the
start stack is not known, the deck may not have been split perfectly in
half, or whatever).  You know exactly which card goes next because it's
in order from the bottom of the stacks to the top, and you know exactly
which stack each comes from.

Of course, since I wrote that with my tongue in my cheek (that's an odd
turn of phrase), it's quite possible it's not 100% clear what I was
saying.  It was just meant to demonstrate a silly method, one as
essentially useless as a reverse() method.

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