Simple but fast 2D lib for drawing pixels

davbrow at davbrow at
Mon Oct 2 05:47:25 CEST 2006

Peter Mexbacher wrote:
> Hello,
> we want to teach absolute programming newbies
> a first language, so they can start programming
> simple scientific models.
> We thought Python would make a good choice for
> a first language; but where pretty stumped when
> we found out that there is no simple way to draw
> pixels to a screen. (This is needed for fractals,
> agent-based models etc -> like Conways Game of Life)
> Our requirements:
> -) easy to learn (newbs!)
> -) not too slow (after all, the models should simulate something)
> -) python :-)
> Any ideas?
> Best Regards,
> Peter

Did you look at the turtle module included in the standard
distribution?  It's very simple, made for beginners, and fast enough
for simple plots (just turn off the tracer).  If you intend to
introduce the class to GUI's at some point I believe turtle is built on
the Tkinter canvas widget, which may be suitable as well.

However, if you're teaching scientific programming to more technically
advanced users you might be better off using matplotlib/ipython.  That
will get you a matlab-like enviroment with many advanced capabilities.

-- David

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