Socket module bug on OpenVMS

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Oct 23 07:56:32 CEST 2006

Irmen de Jong wrote:

> This also raises the question to what extent Python itself should
> work around platform specific "peculiarities", such as this one.
> There's another problem with socket code on Windows and VMS systems,
> where you get strange exceptions when using a "too big" recv() buffer.

what's a "strange exception" and a "too big" buffer?

> Things like this force me into writing all sorts of error checking
> code or platform specific functions, to work around these bugs.
> Just for what was supposed to be a simple socket recv() and a
> simple socket send()...

if you want buffering, use makefile().  relying on platform-specific 
behaviour isn't a good way to write portable code.


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