3d programming without opengl

Stephen Eilert spedrosa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 18:06:30 CET 2006

nelson - wrote:
> hi!
>    i want to build up a simple 3d interactive geometry application in
> python. Since i want to run it without 3D acceleration (a scene will
> be quite simple) I was wondering if there was a library in python that
> allow me to build 3D graphic without the need to use OpenGL.... I
> google but i can't find nothing interesting... (the best would be a
> pure python solution)
> Thanks,
>   nelson

I have no idea why you would want to do that. The fact that the scene
is simple shouldn't be the only reason. After all, if a user is able to
run the latest <insert_game_or_modelling_package_here> but your simple
scene runs much slower, he is going to assume there is something wrong
with it.

If the target user has even a simple 3D accelerator, you are taking a
huge performance hit. That shouldn't be done without a good reason.
What's more, giving it is should be a pure Python solution, you won't
even take advantage of MMX/SSE/3d now!, which all recent processors
have. I'm avoiding talking about raw Python performance here.

I did that once, so that I could learn how to make a software renderer,
but that's not your case, since it is a library you are looking for.
Perhaps there are other requirements that require what you are asking
for, but I can't see in your message.


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