Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

David Goodger dgoodger at
Wed Oct 4 23:29:08 CEST 2006

Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> So we have a problem between the PSF and the "PSF infrastructure committee",
> since the latter did not put "being written in Python" has a requirement for
> the tracker.

There was no problem. The committee had their mandate, to find the best
candidate for a tracker for Python. The quality of the tracker was felt
to be more important than the language it was written in or the license
it uses. The committee members worked hard to fulfill their mandate,
and they deserve the gratitude and appreciation of all of us.

I know for a fact (having raised this very issue with the committee
myself) that they took "written in Python" into consideration. Not as a
requirement though -- the requirement was simply to decide on the best
tracker, regardless of language or license.

Look at the results again. Jira and RoundUp tied for functionality, but
Jira has a hosting/admin offer behind it. That's huge. But rather than
declaring Jira the outright winner, which they could have done, the
committee has allowed the community to decide the matter. If enough
admins come forward, RoundUp will win.

I read that as a big push for "written in Python".

David Goodger

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