Book about database application development?

Paul Rubin http
Mon Oct 16 12:12:28 CEST 2006

Wolfgang Keller <wolfgang.keller.nospam at> writes:
> >
> ...small misunderstanding: I already know a bit of SQL, and I intend to avoid 
> its use as far as possible (and use e.g. Modeling or SQLAlchemy).  

I'm not sure what you mean, that book isn't just an intro to SQL, it
discusses how to tune for performance, etc.  It has quite a bit of
practical advice that you can tell came from hard-won experience by
the author.  On the other hand, it's somewhat out of date by now and
it's Oracle-centered.  Anyway it's online, you might spend a minute
looking at it to see if it's useful to you.  It had sounded like the
type of thing you're asking for.

> What I'm interested in is rather how to connect a GUI to a database, with 
> quite a bit of application logic in between. And how to do it well.

Erm, I can't really tell what you're asking for here; the application
simply makes database queries as needed.  

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