py and Dabo class in chi

Carl K carl at
Wed Oct 25 10:18:54 EDT 2006

I am organizing 3 python events in Chicago:  2 free, one cheap.

1st is really just an extended VFP users group meeting featuring Ed Leafe, one 
of the Dabo developers.  I am getting a larger room to accommodate the python 
group too.  The meeting is Nov 14 5:30pm in the loop:  (not sure yet where, 
watch this page )

There is some interest in an afternoon talk at 1:00 to 4:30.  If I can get 5 or 
so people to commit to showing up, then Ed will talk then too.  Probably worth 
staying for the evening presentation too - the Q/A will be worth as much as his 

I am hosting a 2 day mini event too: - nothing like a 
fest.  For this I am planing on spending a few $ on an instructor, which I have 
not found yet - I have some nibbles - but hoping to get a few more instead of 
just going with the first to respond.  So if anyone is interested in either 
attending or instructing, please let me know.

And of course, please forward this to any other list/group that may have some 

If you are interested, or are near Chicago, please join the chipy list:
very low post rate - about 5 per day, mostly about the monthly meetings.

Carl Karsten

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