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Jon Clements joncle at
Sat Oct 21 07:28:40 EDT 2006

BartlebyScrivener wrote:

> Thanks, Jon.
> I'm moving from Access to MySQL. I can query all I want using Python,
> but so far haven't found  a nifty set of forms (ala Access) for easying
> entering of data into MySQL. My Python is still amateur level and I'm
> not ready for Tkinkter or gui programming yet.

Not wanting to start a RDMS war, I'd personally choose PostgreSQL over
MySQL. (Quite interestingly, most Python programmers go for PostgreSQL
and most PHP programmers go for MySQL)... However, only you know what
you really want to do, so it's up to you to evaluate which RDMS to go

In terms of data entry; if you're able to extend the idea of GUI a
little, why not use web forms? The django project, although I've only
played with it, was quite nice to set up and get running straight away:
if your load on the data-entry/browsing side isn't too heavy, you can
use the 'development server' instead of installing a full-blown server
such as Apache (I'm not sure if IIS is supported).

Users need not have any specific software (well, apart from a web
browser), you can change the back-end any time, have authentication,
the database and users can be remote to the actual "GUI" etc....

Just some thoughts you can do with as you wish.


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