Pickling an instance of a class containing a dict doesn't work

Marco Lierfeld marco.lierfeld at rwth-aachen.de
Thu Oct 12 15:52:06 CEST 2006

Hello there,

I want to save an instance of a class containing a dictionary with the

The class looks like this:
        class subproject:
                configuration   = {}
                build_steps     = []
                # some functions
                # ...

Now I create an instance of this class, e.g.
        test = subproject()
and try to save it with pickle.dump(test, file('test.pickle','wb')) or with
pickle.Pickler(file('test.pickle','wb')).save(test) it looks like
everything has worked well, but in the saved file 'test.pickle' only the
list 'build_steps' is saved - the dictionary 'configuration' is missing.
There is wether an error-message nor an exception.

When I try to save only the dictionary, there is no problem at all - the
dict is saved to the file.

I also tried the 3 different protocols (0, 1, 2), but none of them worked
for me.

I hope somebody knows what to do ;)

Thanks for reading


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