Default location while open an Excel file

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at
Fri Oct 20 05:24:21 CEST 2006

At Friday 20/10/2006 00:08, Johnny wrote:

>doc.Workbooks.Open(excelFile, ReadOnly=True)
>    But the problem is when I only pass the filename to the Open()
>method, and of course the file is in the current directory, it will
>throw an exception that the specified file can't be found. When I use
>os.path.abspath(excelFile) instead, it works. But I do know that
>somebody can only pass a filename, and no exception is raised. Now I
>wonder is that because the "somebody" happen to put the file on the
>default location of the Open() method? If so, does any one know the
>default location?

Why don't you want to use an absolute path? It's safe, will always 
work... What if Excel, for whatever reason, decides to start the Open 
dialog pointing to another location? What if your script does not 
have permission to write on such location?

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