Standard Forth versus Python: a case study

Elizabeth D Rather eratherXXX at
Mon Oct 16 23:11:34 CEST 2006

proteusguy at wrote:
> John you nailed it. I was a big forth fan in the mid-80s but it was
> very clear that you either had to spend a lot of money on proprietary
> systems or do it ALL yourself. Not having any money I was pleased to be
> able to do it all but today, in the age of instant communication and
> collaboration, its not a competitive option in any language. Had forth
> kicked off the open source community about a decade earlier than the
> UNIX folk (in useful terms) I think we'd be living in a much different
> world from a computing perspective. Forth is still cool - but only when
> its for something I wanna do all by myself... :)

Fortunately, modern Forths have quite a lot more functionality than 
mid-80's Forths, in terms of application-relevant features, programming 
aids, more intelligent compilers, OS (e.g. Windows, Unix) compatibility 
and access, etc.  You should really have another look!


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