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Fulvio fulvio at tm.net.my
Wed Oct 18 15:58:11 CEST 2006

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On Wednesday 18 October 2006 15:32, Ron Adam wrote:

> |Instead of using two separate if's, Use an if - elif and be sure to test

Thank you, Ron, for the input :)
I'll examine also in this mode. Meanwhile I had faced the total disaster :) of 
deleting all my emails from all server ;(
(I've saved them locally, luckly :) )

> |It's not exactly clear on what output you are seeking.  If you want 0 for
> | not filtered and 1 for filtered, then look to Freds Hint.

Actually the return code is like herein:

    if _filter(hdrs,allow,deny):
    # allow and deny are objects prepared by re.compile(pattern)

In short, it means unwanted to be deleted. 
And now the function is :

def _filter(msg,al,dn):
    """ Filter try to classify a list of lines for a set of compiled             
    a = 0
    for hdrline in msg:
        # deny has the first priority and stop any further searching. Score 10 
        if dn.search(hdrline): return len(msg) * 10
        if al.search(hdrline): return 0
        a += 1
    return a # it returns with a score of rejected matches or zero if none

The patterns are taken from a configuration file. Those with Axx ='pattern' 
are allowing streams the others are Dxx to block under different criteria.
Here they're :

A01 = ^From:.*\.it\b
A02 = ^(To|Cc):.*frioio@
A03 = ^(To|Cc):.*the_sting@
A04 = ^(To|Cc):.*calm_me_or_die@
A05 = ^(To|Cc):.*further@
A06 = ^From:.*\.za\b
D01 = ^From:.*\.co\.au\b
D02 = ^Subject:.*\*\*\*SPAM\*\*\*

*A bit of fake in order to get some privacy* :)
I'm using configparser to fetch their value and they're are joint by :

    allow = re.compile('|'.join([k[1] for k in ifil if k[0] is 'a']))
    deny = re.compile('|'.join([k[1] for k in ifil if k[0] is 'd']))

ifil is the input filter's section.

At this point I suppose that I have realized the right thing, just I'm a bit 
curious to know if ithere's a better chance and realize a single regex 
compilation for all of the options.
Basically the program will work, in term of filtering as per config and 
sincronizing with local $HOME/Mail/trash (configurable path). This last 
option will remove emails on the server for those that are in the local 
Todo = backup local and remote emails for those filtered as good.
            multithread to connect all server in parallel
            SSL for POP3 and IMAP4 as well
Actually I've problem on issuing the command to imap server to flag "Deleted" 
the message which count as spam. I only know the message details but what 
is the correct command is a bit obscure, for me.
BTW whose Fred?


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