Asychronous execution *with* return codes?

utabintarbo utabintarbo at
Thu Oct 5 16:43:13 CEST 2006

MonkeeSage wrote:
> utabintarbo wrote:
> > pid = subprocess.Popen([app] + lstArgs).pid
> Check out the poll() method and the returncode attribute:

Thanks for the reply.

If I understand your meaning, I should do something like this (given I
wish to run an app against several arguments [my use case]):

for lstArgs in pileOflstArgs:
    uniqueProcessID = subprocess.Popen([app] + lstArgs)
    pid =
    retcode = uniqueProcessID.poll()
    # increment uniqueProcessID

If so, how do I handle the poll() on long-running processes? Run a
bunch and then start a check loop? Am I asking too many questions?

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