Looking for the Perfect Editor

Roger crosseyedpenguin at cox.net
Thu Sep 14 22:43:08 CEST 2006

Jay wrote:
> I, too, am a hardcore fan of jEdit.  It's nice to finally see some user
> support on this forum.  :-)

The biggest problem I have with anything written in Java is the long 
startup time.  The editor may be great but the platform is mediocre.

I am a SciTE bigot.  I have recently tried SPE and UliPad.  UliPad would 
be my second choice and is still installed, but SPE was quickly removed. 
  One feature I like about SciTE is being able to position the cursor 
anywhere on a word and hit CTL-F to find the NEXT occurrence.

With UliPad, you have to select the entire word you want to search for, 
and then when you hit CTL-F -- it first finds the same occurrence you 
selected -- you have to hit F3 to find the next.

I think SciTE is better engineered.  Still, much of your choice is 
personal preference.  I have noticed that any two people using the same 
editor will use different keystroke and mouse sequences when presented 
with similar editing problems.

Good discussion - I thank the originator of the thread.


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