Limitate speed of a socket-based data transferring

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Fri Sep 15 21:47:07 CEST 2006

On 2006-09-15, Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:

>>>The sender will send at whatever rate they are capable of, so
>>>packets may just become backlogged on your receiving socket
>> When that happens, the sending end of the socket will throttle
>> down to match the rate at which data is being read from the
>> socket.
> Of course this depends crucially on the window size. Since the
> addition of the window scaling TCP option it's been possible
> to specify very large windows, which are useful over
> high-bandwidth high-delay links.

True.  If the window size is large compared to the amount of
data being transferred, then the throttling won't happen.

> The remote (send) throttling will only start to cut in when
> the window is full (since the whole point of the sliding
> window mechanism is to allow continuous transmission in the
> face of acknowledgment delay).


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