best small database?

Blair P. Houghton blair.houghton at
Wed Sep 13 07:33:15 CEST 2006

Larry Bates wrote:
> As far as "rational extension" is concerned, I think I can relate.
> As a developer of imaging systems that store multiple-millions of
> scanned pieces of paper online for customers, I can promise you
> the file system is quite efficient at storing files (and that is
> what the OP asked for in the original post) and way better than
> storing in Oracle blobs.  Can you store them in the database,
> absolutely.  Is it efficient and manageable.  It has been our
> experience that it is not.  Ever tried to upgrade Oracle 9 to
> Oracle 10 with a Tb of blobs?

Can't be any harder than switching between incompatible filesystems,
unless you assume it should "just work...".


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